For those who don’t know, do.Good Stitches is an online quilting bee, with many different “circles” around the world. We make quilts & donate them to various organizations. Within each circle, composed of 8 – 12 people, there are “quilters” & “stitchers”. A quilter decides the block, color palette, size of blocks, etc. for each […]

We live in northern Wisconsin, in Forest County. There are a few realities about living where we do that are important to mention. Our county is the largest, land wise, in the state. Our county has the smallest population in our state, with less than 10,000 people. Our county is the poorest in our state, […]

Perhaps I’m the only one (by the sheer amount of info I found, it appears not. Unless there are only a few homeschooling Mama’s out there who are bombarding Pinterest with their many ideas & pictures. Theoretically, that could happen…), but I searched Pinterest a ton this Summer for various school activity ideas. Esp. ideas […]

The trees

One of our favorite parts of this land that we bought, were the trees. There are a few pine, but mostly iron wood and maple, with a few bass & popple thrown in for fun. It took some time to figure our where we wanted the house located. Since we have deliveries, we needed to […]

The land

This has been something we have prayed for and waited for, for many years. All along, the answer was “no”. But then it changed to “yes”. It all started (for this year, anyway) when we had some “extra” in the bank and we were discussing what to do with it. We had 2 options: pay […]

3 days before Samuel’s accident, I had gotten a crown on my tooth. I was hurting bad enough that I called the dentist that morning, to find out what I could do about the pain. In fact, I had gone to the store to get some numbing gel for it. In the 3 hours of […]

Sometimes it take time to process tragedies & major upheavals of your life. I am finally at a place where I can talk & share publicly what happened to Samuel &, as an extension, our family. These posts will reflect the date around when the information & procedures took place. Samuel is our 2 year […]

It’s been some time since I’ve been in this place. I didn’t intend to take such a long time off from blogging, it just kinda happened. So much has occurred since January, that I’m not sure where to start! Actually, I suppose I already have: I’m here! It will take some time to retell the […]

Oh the weather outside is frightful…. It’s just mid November and would you believe that we already have foot of snow? And we are getting into the single digits at night? We often have snow by Thanksgiving, but it’s not that common to have this much snow 2 weeks before hand! It’s a good thing […]