So much to do, so little time!

We leave to PA in 10 days for a wedding. We are so excited!! All of the family here in WI will be able to go and it’s been 3 years since we were all there together. Plus, while we are there, we will be going to the zoo together (so far, only us WI Dewings will be going, but more are welcome to come!) and that will be so fun!!

Of course, to get us there, I have so much on my list to do!

  • Make Isaac and Grace’s trays for the van (I’ll post on these later, probably when we get back. I’m real excited to see if they work!).
  • Get the trays sewn on the harness and fitted in the van.
  • Make a car-toy-holder thingy for Damaris.
  • Make (or buy?) bloomers for the girls.
  • Make list of food to bring. Buy/make said food. Pack needed utensils for the food (because we are cheap frugal, we don’t go out to eat while traveling. At least when we can help it. Also, with Maacah and I being gluten free, eating out is not much of choice even if we had the extra money to do so. We put an inverter in our van so we can use the crock pot and we will buy a small butane burner to cook with, so we’re not having just sandwiches and muffins.).
  • Make a list of clothes to pack. Then pack said clothes.
  • Mend any clothes on list above.
  • Help make food for 100 on Wednesday (a funeral). Set up and serve said food.
  • Clean out van.
  • Pack the van.
  • Pack all maps, GPS, laptop, tapes, cell phone cords, sunglasses, etc. needed for the trip.

…..And all this doesn’t include the every day stuff that needs to be done. Like 3 meals a day for 6-7 people, everyday tidying and cleaning, school for 3 children, the never-ending laundry, changing diapers, making sure that the littles are doing what they are supposed to be doing when they are supposed to be doing it (this is a fun time job in of itself!)…You get the idea! This week, my days are going to be full!

And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way! Without my family to take care of, I think I’d be lost!



  • Jaynee on

    Hi Jennifer! This is Jaynee 🙂 I have had these letters sitting here for your children all ready to mail for several days now…only I can’t find where I put your address! I gave Rebekah the picture of your family as she wanted it, passed out the letters to the children, and then put your sweet note and the envelope on my desk…so I thought…only it isn’t there and I can’t find it anywhere!
    I was sure it would turn up…not sure why I was so sure as this sort of thing tends to happen around here more than I’d like to admit :).
    But then I remembered that you commented on the blog and so I went to the link on your name and found your blog here 🙂 I didn’t see an email here, so I’ll go ahead and comment and pray you get it! When you do, could you send me your address….lockwoods2mexico (at) juno (dot) com. Thank you!!!!
    We are about to leave for a trip too and my to do list looks similar to yours! I’m not cooking for 100 for a funeral, but Sunday, we are having a special morning service with lunch afterwards and I’m in charge of feeding all the children (50-70) during my morning class in addition to making whatever I’m bringing for the fellowship meal 🙂 I thought that was funny and also how you talk about cooking on the road. We do the same thing…we take a small propane 2 burner stove. I’ve never thought of bringing the crockpot…we too have an inverter…that might be a good idea for us too! 🙂

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