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I’m busier than a bee and more tired than a newborn

So, this is why I have been silent this past week and why I’ll be silent for this week.

On July 10, we traveled about 5 hours south to cater a wedding for 180 people. The menu wasn’t hard and even though it was far away, the tricky thing was that where the reception took place, there was no kitchen. No oven. No stove top. Nothing. So we took an old military kitchen trailer that my husband’s father has re-done to include one professional stove, a gas powered refrigerator, 15′ of counter space, a hot box and a 2′ by 40” flat top grill. It worked out alright and the people who hired us were very pleased.

We got home from that trip late Sunday night and Monday morning started the first week of summer camp that I am annually involved in. It was the senior camp, for ages 13 and up, and we were there all day. I work in the kitchen (Hmm, wonder why they put me there?) and I make the snacks for canteen (although I didn’t stay this last week to sell them). Tomorrow (Monday) starts that 2nd week of summer camp for the junior camp (ages 8 – 12). Our 3 eldest will be involved in this camp for the week (even though Grace and Isaac aren’t technically old enough, their uncle is the director and I’m one of the cooks, so it’s a perk for them to “get in” early), so the days will be even longer. Non of them will be sleeping over night (as the majority of the campers do), so we will be getting there by 7:30am and will come home around 10:00pm. That makes for some loooong days!

Come Saturday, July 25, we will be selling food at the 1st of our three fairs this summer. A friend and myself will be selling cheesecakes and cream puffs in one booth, while Adam and his older brother will be selling elephant ears in the booth next to us. That is an all day event, as well. Not to mention keeping an eye on 5 very active, ones-who-tend-to-wander children. But it is a family affair, with the other brother across the walk way selling kettle corn and Grandma and Grandpa usually find something to help with. There is a bit of a contest that goes one for people who want to dress up in period costume (the whole fair theme has to do with the people who came to our town to start with. The majority were from Kentucky, which is why it is called Kentuck Days, and they came around the 1890’s. So we always dress up in “Little House” fashion with bonnets and the whole works. I’ll send pictures next week.)

I think I have a few good reasons for being so busy! I’m still growing, growing, growing and Little One keeps moving, moving, moving. I’ve been wearing my running shoes almost every day and while I don’t care for the look of wearing them with dresses, my back and legs have felt so much better. I think I’ll risk the “fashion no no” a little while longer and still be able to walk with minimal pain. Sometimes comfort much come before beauty!

Here are some pictures of the children, all holding turnips from their garden. Can you tell how excited they are?

The farmers’ want-to-be

It was about 70 degrees today. So very nice! We still have a pile of snow/ice next to our garage, but that is normal. It is where there is the most shade and it is also where the snow is dumped from off the garage’s roof. You’d never guess what we did last weekend. Go on, try to guess… Can’t come up with anything? Okay I’ll tell you.

We bought chickens. 25 chickens, to be exact. They are between 6 and 7 weeks old. They are a mix of Buff Orphingtons, Bared Rocks and Black Australorps. We were hoping to house them here, with the understanding that all we needed was the permission of our neighbors. But we were wrong. One our neighbors either asked, or complained, and someone came from the county to our house to tell us in person that chickens were not allowed in the city. Period. So, change of plans. We will be housing the up at my in-laws house. We still get the benefit of laying chickens (hopefully we will get about 2 dozen eggs a day with 25 chickens), but not have the convience of them in our backyard. We will have to go up there, about a mile away, each day to collect the eggs and to water/feed them. Oh well. It’s a small price to be paid and there are no hard feelings. For this is their neighborhood too.

It will be good for the children, too. It will help with some of their fear of animals (even a Chiwawa scares them!) and will help teach them to be responsible for something other then themselves. They will still be here at our house for one more week or so. Then they will be transffered to their “new home”.

We have built a chicken tractor for them to live in and it looks real nice. It has been warm enough during these past 2 days that we have put them outside for a part of the afternoon in the chicken tractor and they really like it! They fly around, strutting and chirping! “Freedom!” they seem to squwak.

Adam has also built a 2-bin compost system that is quite large and is stands right by the back door. I like this spot because we can easily open the door, take a few steps and “dump”. No fuss. No mess. Things that simplfy my life are goods things. (I suppose some would say that having many children is not in the catagorie of “simple”. But we won’t go there…)

Today we built a 6′ x 8′ sandbox for the children. I’ve asked Adam for this for awhile, so I’m real happy it’s done. The sand will be delivered on Monday, so then it will be finished. I’m also asking Adam to build the a swing set, but he hasn’t agreed to this, yet. I’d like it about 8′ high so an adult could swing on it if they wanted too. I’d like it about 10′ long so we can have 3 swings in the middle and baby swing coming off one side. On the other side, I’d like to put a slide there. Nothing fancy, mind you, just better and sturdier than the metal bent one that is rusting in the backyard. The issue for Adam is it will need to be made with 8′ x 8′ and they will have to be cemented into the ground. I don’t see what the big deal is, but since I’m not going to be doing the brunt of the work, I don’t want to push my luck. It has taken 2 years tp get that sandbox built. We’ll see about this swing set. Although I do have the perfect place for it where I can see and hear the children very well….